In addition to taking care of all maintenance and paint issues on your Cirrus,
Royal Aircraft Services installs the full complement of add-ons and modifications designed to make your Cirrus better than new!
LoPresti Lighting Upgrades

Adds significantly more range to the safety zone of your landing light. Tunable beam (wide or distant narrow).

Up to 300% Brighter than your standard landing light!

Rectangular version fits SR20 SN 1423 and up, and SR22 SN 0821 - 2437.

Round version fits SR20 SN 1148 thru 1422, and SR22 SN 0002 thru 0820.

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LoPresti G2 TriTips

Over 1,000,000 Lumens of Combined Light Output (more than a 747!)

Be the BEST seen Aircraft in the Sky!

5 Year / 5000 Hr Guarantee!

LoPresti "Ice Skate 2 Wheel Pants" for SR-20 and SR-22

Lower Drag / More Speed

Pant and Leg in One Fairing - reduces drag between strut fairing and wheel fairing

1/4 Turn Fasteners Instead of Screws
Includes new steel brackets and hardware

Carbon Fiber Construction - Stronger than OEM Fiberglass Construction and Fire Resistant

NACA Brake Cooling Air Inlet with Cooling Air Outlet at rear of fairing (none on OEM fairings)

Easy Access Tire-Servicing Door

Nose Pants fit SN 0002-0821, 0822-2437 Main Pants fit SN 0821-2437 except 2234, 2420

Forward Vision Infrared-Enhanced Vision System!

You'll never fly without one again!

Enhanced Vision, for no-light / low-light and restricted visibility conditions.

See through darkness, smoke, smog, rain and even snow!

Thermal Imaging sees the runway, taxiways, obstacles, aircraft, animals and people, when you can't with lights alone.

EVS-100 Infrared Only

EVS-600 Infrared and Visable - Superimposes visable spectrum lights over the infrared thermal image for enhanced situational-awareness

Precise Flight Fixed Oxygen System!

Available for your SR22 - Gives the pilot and three passengers a convenient high capacity Oxygen System. Warns pilot when oxygen should be used by illuminating the O2 Required LED. Easy fill port is located in the baggage bulkhead for convenient servicing.

Transform your Cirrus from the original dull... "any color as long as you like white"... standard,
to one of the latest factory paint schemes .... or to your PERSONAL one-of-a-kind vision!
$28,500 Complete!

Better than Factory Finish! Painted with Dupont Imron with a final clear-coat for increased shine

and excellent protection from fuel / fluid spills and UV fading!

No more chipping or peeling clear-coat on your leading edges! We GUARANTEE it !

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