New Avionics!
It's Your choice ....

Spend over $300,000 on a new Skyhawk, or make one that's BETTER THAN NEW!!!

If you have a faithful old 172 that's showing her age, or.... if you would like us to find you a safe and airworthy older Cessna 172 and turn it into the perfect family airplane - we can do it!

You'll be amazed at what we'll create for you!

SuperHawk 180 HP Engine Upgrade

We start by replacing the old 150 or 160 HP 0-320-E2D, D2J or H2AD engine with a factory-new Lycoming 0-360-A4M 180 HP SuperHawk engine, and add a new Sensenich propeller. This package will give you an increased cruise speed to 150+ MPH, will decrease your takeoff distance, give you an increased rate of climb and give you a gross weight capacity increase so you can confidently fly your 172 on a hot summer day, with full fuel and four adults!

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Centurion Turbo-Diesel Upgrade!

For the ULTIMATE solution in fuel efficiency, we can install the new Continental Motors, Inc. Centurion Turbo-Diesel engine!

Sportsman STOL Upgrade

Next, we install a Sportsman STOL kit with a state-of-the-art leading edge cuff, aileron gap seals and composite wing-tips to nearly double your lift co-efficient, increase your flap efficiency, increase your rate of climb, increase your fuel economy and reduce your landing and take-off speeds with NO reduction in cruise performance.

Solar Control Solar-Grey - UV Filtering Windows

Your old, crazed windows will be replaced with new Solar-Grey UV filtering windows to protect you, your family and your interior from harmful UV exposure. UV radiation intensety increases approximately 5% with every 1000 ft. of altitude. These windows block > 99% of the harmful UVA rays and reduce damage to your interior, and heat build-up when it the aircraft is parked in the sun, without sacrificing visible light transmission.

New Interior!
We'll remove your old worn and uncomfortable interior and install new comfortable foam and seat-covers, recover your side panels, install new carpeting, replace your seat belts and buckles with new ones and refurbish or replace all your interior plastics. You will never have to appologize for your worn seats again!

Your old obsolete radio and navigation package will be removed, and replaced with a new avionics stack, panel and circuit breakers, topped off with a new molded glare shield. You also get the security of a new 406MHZ ELT !

Complete Exterior Face Lift!

All the old paint will be stripped from your aircraft, and any surface corrosion will be treated and / or repaired. Any sheet metal that needs to be replaced will be, and old body-work will be repaired. Broken or cracked exterior plastic will be replaced with new fiberglass components and broken or cracked nose and main-gear fenders will be repaired or replaced. Your aircraft will be etched and alodined, then primed with a corrosion-inhibiting aerospace primer and given a beautiful, shiny new top-coat with stripes and your choice of any available personalized N-Numbers.

It's Your choice! ....

Even if you don't already own a 172, we can find a good quality used one and transform it into an aircraft with better safety, comfort and performance than one you can buy new from the factory...


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